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Thursday, January 13, 2011


STRAWBERRIES & CO, NOMZZZZZ. Diabetes-inducing. But the strawberry jam om nom nomz i just want to chew on it and let all the juiciness and goodness of them all explode inside my mouth. T___T

#DIABETESINDUCINGAWARD goes to The Druggie. SO SWEET GAH I THINK IT COULD CAUSE INSTANT TOOTH DECAY. Overwhelmingly sweet, and this says a lot considering how I've a sweet tooth, rofl.

BUT IT TASTES SO FUCKING SINFUL AND ASDFGHJKL; it makes me feel like i'm in chocolate heaven. At the same time, it triggers me to think that there's a gastronomical explosion of melted chocolate happening inside my fucked up anatomy lmfao.

Not to forget... sore throat...

Blogger/Picaso = No.1 killer of photos quality. I should revert back to using Flickr and TinyPic but I'm too much of a lazy ass to do that, hah.

Pancakes for the tormented souls after Judgement Day!!!!!!!!!!1!!!

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