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Friday, January 14, 2011


This post exists for a few purposes:

2) But sadly, my pockets wouldn't condone Point No.1 to take place, so here comes Point No.3/5.
3) To remind me that I'm currently as poor as a church mouse. Hence, from now till school starts again, I should get a new job to support my spending habits lmfao. I can hear my bank account crying from afar.
4) Eye-candy, le duh.
5) To motivate me to save/earn more $$.
6) The words that are attached to each picture is just there to cue further self-psychoing. So that I'll be driven to earn/save more money. Uh-huh.
7) I'm waiting earnestly for a kind-hearted billionaire to chance upon my blog and,with my fingers crossed that he likes me and my posts enough to contact me to become his goddaughter and I'll be richgal94 $____$. Sadly, this is just a pipedream of mine, hohoho.


110GBP = 172USD. With currency conversions and other shipping thingamajigs... I think it'll amount up to 200USD. Which is basically... close to 300SGD.

My life?

LUSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. *O* Okay, so first and foremost, this top blended a few of my favourite styles + trends together into one flippin' gorgeous piece. Let's break it down, shall we? It's a crop top. It's a poncho. It's (kinda like a) knitwear. And it's in my favourite shade of cream! /cue the self-psychoing/

The only thing I dislike about this top is the fringe. But that can be chopped off, and who knows, I might be able to pull this piece off together with the fringey elements. The only other thing I dislike about this is... well, the price tag that comes attached with it. FML. 30GBP. Thank You, Topshop.

My obsession with crop tops is getting pretty obvious now, lmao. This crop sweatshirt is plastered with the most ironic slogan that could be applied on me - "SUPER RICH". How about a "Super Poor" sweatshirt? :( Anybody?

But nonetheless, I like the raglan-sque design. It's remarkably adorabe, with hints of (fail) humour. The typography is gorgeous too, k? :(

This blouse has became remarkably overrated. I can see people wearing this piece everywhere I guess, whether is it in coral, royal blue, etc etc... but I still love the scalloped hems and the delicate material of it. So, there you go.

Now that it comes with polka dotted prints and it looks great with the blazer (IT WAS ON SALE!!!11!) that I just bought... cue the cashiering sound.

Baseball jackets are my ultimate weakness. T____T I already have two of such baseball jackets (I got one in UK12, which is basically twice my size but it fits well... just a tad oversized). One is in navy, and another one is in black with leather sleeve details. But this... is too gorgeous. In a burgundy shade...

Then again, is there really a need for me to get a 3rd baseball jacket?

Apparently, there is.




My life, again?

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that this pair of cuties were from Jeffrey Campbell! I mean, with all due respect, JC is more well-known for their killer-looking platforms rather than some adorable-like-asdghjkl; pencil flats right?

Nonetheless, they look ridiculously adorable and I just want to squish the hale outta this pair of shoes. I could see it as an eccentric addition to any outfit. It could even become a everyday-wardrobe-staple since I tend to stumble in heels (e.g. anything above 1 cm)


Now that is some signature Jeffrey Campbell platforms. I really adore the mirror plating that is plastered over the sole of this shoe. :( But the price tag = FML X1234567890. Then again, I guess it helps that have already ran out of my size for this...

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