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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Save the drowning dinosaurs!

Glenda asked me to come up with a name for her (potential-)online store, and after a lot of ridiculous ideas (acidwasheddinos, floraldinos, plaiddinos; ridiculous but that's the fun part of brainstorming! You tend to create some hysterical suggestions), we finally settled on the name of Drowning Dinos. The name "Dancing Dinos" is kinda cute, with a hint of sadistic undertones to it though. But the alliteration satisfies my inner Lit nerd so it's all coooool. 8D

So here's the banner. Completed within 10minutes because I was lazy to vector out a drowning dinosaur - literally.

(At least that's what Glenda said lmfao)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


SO YESSSSSSSSSS, happy post ahead.

Oakham Market is basically the best fucking place ever!!1!!! \m/ I used to be a big fan of The Editor's Market (they're completely non-affiliated by the way, despite sharing the same "last name" ahah) over @ Cineleisure but Oakham Market is heaps better than the other because it offers MORE BANG FOR THE BUCKSSSSS!

I can literally buy up to 3 items at Oakham Market, and pay the same amount as 1 item over at The Editor's Market. Legit. No joke, and they've similar stuff. (But there's a definite difference in terms of the styles offered. The Editor's Market caters more towards the mass audience while Oakham Market is more towards... Topshop-esque/TSR-ish styles? Hah, I'm not making any sense but you'll get it when you see it.)

I bought two tops (a knitwear + a preppy cut-out collar vest) from the Thrift Section alone. I'd have checked out the Premium section since I saw some pretty goods from afar but my pockets were crying for me to have mercy on them so I decided to spare my bank account for the day and not go near the racks at all. God knows the lack of self-control I hold against myself. Same goes for the high-waisted shorts over there too (VINTAGE GUESS DENIMS SOBS) but I was having... The Red Ocean and I felt uncomfortable to try on the shorts (sorry, pet peeve! :/) so I decided to leave them for next time.

On a slightly irrelevant note, I do love the decor of the place. *O* So minimalistic, with the dim-litted wooden planks and ivory racks, the latest season's shades/trends hanging sagely on the racks... Okay, pardon my digression again. It's located at Ann Siang Hill... which is kinda ulu and transportation is a headache... tbh. But it doesn't really matter, actually. After spending some dough on the two tops + a cab ride home (The nearest MRT is Tanjong Pagar MRT/Chinatown MRT but I refuse to find my way around since my cramps were killing me), the total bill is still came to be about less than $50!

Actually, less than $40. To be precise, it's only about $39 in total since a cab ride home only cost me about $6. It's to my amazement that my place is remarkably near Chinatown/Ann Siang Hill. Surprisingly. Not that I'm complaining, of course.

I love the price tag. (Yes ikr wtf me iz inner packaging whore!!!!!!!!) And the paper bag. (Yes inner-packaging-whore still remains - I love brown paper bags in particularrrr). And the complimentary toffee. Hah. WEAKNESSES.

LOOTTTTTSSSS. You can't see them clearly though.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is a post full of irrelevant rants about my past + weak body.


So, a new Rotavirus or w/e stomach flu virus was making its rounds again this season... and guess who was one of those unfortunate victims that got struck with such a virus/disease? Me! Curse my immune system, once again. ^___^ Apparently, the white blood cells in my body decided to laze off and not do their jobs... so yay me!

For the entire time last week, I was stuck at home and the feeling sucks. I don't even get to enjoy any good food because my stomach is too weak to handle savoury snacks. :( So... only plain porridge, plain rice and plain swiss rolls for me. Plain plain plain fibres and carbohydrates. A high fever (it reached 39.6 degrees for fuck's sake) plagued me for the first few days... and then the diarrhea + abdominal cramps came rolling in subsequently after the fever subsided. Talk about tragic.

OH YES. ONE OF THE MAJOR SIDE-EFFECTS IS THAT I LOST WEIGHT. I get it, normal girls would be happy at the thought that some inches and kilograms are shedded off, but for me, it's a terrifying affair. I already /look/ anorexic (case-in-point: I only LOOK anorexic because my metabolism rate goes on like the speed of light - when the reality is... I eat like a mad cow and I'm not even kidding) and if I'm gonna lose some more weight/fats, I can kiss goodbye to body-warmth-insulation (I get cold even when I wear hoodies outside on a BRIGHT SUNKISSED DAY) and say hello to a Ribcage-esque bony body. I'm not a big fan of that, y'knw? I don't get the adoration of such a body type tbh.

It took about 5 days for me to make a full recovery so basically, I was stuck inside the 'comfort' of my own house FOR ONE LONG WEEK HURHURHURHUR CURSE MY LIFE. Even online-shopping became a bore and I don't even say that often.

Just two days ago, I was entertaining extreme mood swings. Vivian said it's a combination of being cooped up at home like Mother Hen waiting to give birth + PMS. She was right about the latter. There was this sudden loss of direction + emptiness. Regrets that haunted me through my past. All the 'What If's, all the uncertainty, all the of 'If only I could be as good as...", all the 'If only I didn't do that..."

And then yesterday, the Red Ocean came TOGETHER with cramps + diarrhea - what a lethal combination. So, due to the severe pains, I literally curled up into a ball.... Not at home. But in public. Oh god, the embarrassment. :/ I was literally squatting on the pavement because my uterus felt as if it was gonna rip itself apart from my body... it hurts so fucking badly and I was in the middle of Ann Sian Hill (where Oakham Market is located at) with no legit-looking toilet unless you walk a mile to get there.

I ended up taking a taxi ($__________$ T______T) back home because the bus services there doesn't pass by my house at all and I needed the fatest and most convenient mode of transportation back home. Several taxi drivers just don't have much compassion, tbh. They were in the middle of changing shift, so most of them refused to pick me up unless my place was near their designated venue. Since my place is at a ulu part of Singapore (somewhere near Mount Faber), none of them agreed to ferry me back to my place except for this nice Angmohfied taxi uncle (HE'S SO ADORABLE LMFAO; he kept saying jokes in the middle of the journey back home so tht I wouldn't feel so panicky).

Life suxzxzxz.

On a completely irrelevant note... don't you just hate it when the past can have a domino effect on your current life...? No matter how much you hate your past, some parts of it will still continue to haunt you at your life. You wished that you didn't do this, you wished that you'd have did that. Worst of all? Sometimes, there's no going back...

Friday, January 14, 2011


My fringe is one of my prized possessions.


This post exists for a few purposes:

2) But sadly, my pockets wouldn't condone Point No.1 to take place, so here comes Point No.3/5.
3) To remind me that I'm currently as poor as a church mouse. Hence, from now till school starts again, I should get a new job to support my spending habits lmfao. I can hear my bank account crying from afar.
4) Eye-candy, le duh.
5) To motivate me to save/earn more $$.
6) The words that are attached to each picture is just there to cue further self-psychoing. So that I'll be driven to earn/save more money. Uh-huh.
7) I'm waiting earnestly for a kind-hearted billionaire to chance upon my blog and,with my fingers crossed that he likes me and my posts enough to contact me to become his goddaughter and I'll be richgal94 $____$. Sadly, this is just a pipedream of mine, hohoho.


110GBP = 172USD. With currency conversions and other shipping thingamajigs... I think it'll amount up to 200USD. Which is basically... close to 300SGD.

My life?

LUSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. *O* Okay, so first and foremost, this top blended a few of my favourite styles + trends together into one flippin' gorgeous piece. Let's break it down, shall we? It's a crop top. It's a poncho. It's (kinda like a) knitwear. And it's in my favourite shade of cream! /cue the self-psychoing/

The only thing I dislike about this top is the fringe. But that can be chopped off, and who knows, I might be able to pull this piece off together with the fringey elements. The only other thing I dislike about this is... well, the price tag that comes attached with it. FML. 30GBP. Thank You, Topshop.

My obsession with crop tops is getting pretty obvious now, lmao. This crop sweatshirt is plastered with the most ironic slogan that could be applied on me - "SUPER RICH". How about a "Super Poor" sweatshirt? :( Anybody?

But nonetheless, I like the raglan-sque design. It's remarkably adorabe, with hints of (fail) humour. The typography is gorgeous too, k? :(

This blouse has became remarkably overrated. I can see people wearing this piece everywhere I guess, whether is it in coral, royal blue, etc etc... but I still love the scalloped hems and the delicate material of it. So, there you go.

Now that it comes with polka dotted prints and it looks great with the blazer (IT WAS ON SALE!!!11!) that I just bought... cue the cashiering sound.

Baseball jackets are my ultimate weakness. T____T I already have two of such baseball jackets (I got one in UK12, which is basically twice my size but it fits well... just a tad oversized). One is in navy, and another one is in black with leather sleeve details. But this... is too gorgeous. In a burgundy shade...

Then again, is there really a need for me to get a 3rd baseball jacket?

Apparently, there is.




My life, again?

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that this pair of cuties were from Jeffrey Campbell! I mean, with all due respect, JC is more well-known for their killer-looking platforms rather than some adorable-like-asdghjkl; pencil flats right?

Nonetheless, they look ridiculously adorable and I just want to squish the hale outta this pair of shoes. I could see it as an eccentric addition to any outfit. It could even become a everyday-wardrobe-staple since I tend to stumble in heels (e.g. anything above 1 cm)


Now that is some signature Jeffrey Campbell platforms. I really adore the mirror plating that is plastered over the sole of this shoe. :( But the price tag = FML X1234567890. Then again, I guess it helps that have already ran out of my size for this...

Thursday, January 13, 2011


STRAWBERRIES & CO, NOMZZZZZ. Diabetes-inducing. But the strawberry jam om nom nomz i just want to chew on it and let all the juiciness and goodness of them all explode inside my mouth. T___T

#DIABETESINDUCINGAWARD goes to The Druggie. SO SWEET GAH I THINK IT COULD CAUSE INSTANT TOOTH DECAY. Overwhelmingly sweet, and this says a lot considering how I've a sweet tooth, rofl.

BUT IT TASTES SO FUCKING SINFUL AND ASDFGHJKL; it makes me feel like i'm in chocolate heaven. At the same time, it triggers me to think that there's a gastronomical explosion of melted chocolate happening inside my fucked up anatomy lmfao.

Not to forget... sore throat...

Blogger/Picaso = No.1 killer of photos quality. I should revert back to using Flickr and TinyPic but I'm too much of a lazy ass to do that, hah.

Pancakes for the tormented souls after Judgement Day!!!!!!!!!!1!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pros and Cons;

  • Mass Communications (@ SP/NP?), come to Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!
  • I've quitted my job @ Marks and Spencer despite the miserably-short 10-days-long stint over there. On the plus side, the pay should be rolling in soon (by mid-month, I hope). My pay is enough for me to survive by - I think.
  • I've gotten way better than expected for The Big Os. I think I got too excited - the moment I received my results, I yelled 'Fuck' in front of my form teacher super loudly. I think even the surrounding teachers heard me cussed. She normally recognizes me as The Mute One in class, so yeah, some discredit to my long-term pretense as The Mute One then. I went on to hop around the entire hall like a spastic 4-years-old, shrieking and tearing like a fucking pregnant hyena who is giving birth. If you're asking, no, I didn't get straight As. In fact, I was very far away from that. I've a grand D7 as well as another C6 on my results slip. But I'm truly contented with what I've.


  • My stye-that-turned-into-a-chalazion (Sounds Egyptian to you? Same here. I had to Google that, I'm no medical whiz but in layman's terms, it's just this stupid ball of hardened lump under my eyelid) is taking forever to heal. It has became fairly noticable since it formed last Wednesday (I guessed that it was getting that obvious since friends who haven't seen me in a million years kinda pointed it out to me on results day...) and it hasn't healed a single bit since. Chances are it's... 1) a tumour (pardon my pessimism but anything is possible), 2) just a simple but pesky chalazion. It hasn't gotten worse, but neither have it gotten any smaller either.
  • Did I mention that the chalazion is super awkward-looking?

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Still in this epic state of dysfunctionalism. I should be happy, but I am not. The excitement that comes with each day wears off easily and emptiness starts to fill back in (oh, the irony, the fulfillment of emptiness). Sometimes, I feel that God is too kind to me, at other times, I feel that God is robbing me of all my happiness because I am undeserving. I am an ingratitious brat at most times, ha.

On hindsight, my life right now... it feels like everything came to a standstill. Everything has exceeded its peak... and basically, it's stuck in this stagnant state whereby there's no areas of improvements.

As technical as it can get, I can summarize my current life in one simple equation...

No area of improvement = everything is too perfect for it to be improved on = Shermin should be an happy asshole who is appreciative of the sheltered environment that she currently resides in, which includes living in a land whole full of unicorns, sunshines and excessively happy people who're puking rainbows everywhere. She trots around with a Chanel bag, calling out to her servant to serve her the finest delicacies such as her favourite macarons.

(Pardon my random Shermin-In-Wonderland fantasy)

But life isn't about technicality or simple-ass logic or equation. It's about irrationality.

In a enigmatic way, I'm afraid of overwhelming amounts of happiness and goodness in my life. When life gets too good, you'd desperately want things to remain like the way they're because you've already tasted the best. When you fall from grace, you fall hard. In the famous words of... a certain great somebody who spewed out these words... "Change is the only Constant".

No pain is permanent, but no happiness is permanent either.

My inner Libra is unable to comprehend this upset of balance in my life.

Everything is either too good, or too wrecked.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Leg candy.

I've a thing for towering platforms.

I have a thing for mirrored plates.

I've a thing for products that're tastefully done in the sinful shade of black.

Jeffrey Campbell happens to answer all of my needs and truthfully speaking, I can't make a decision between all these gorgeous pairs of shoes ;____; Sucks to be me. Actually, only stocks the Clinic and X-Ray in my size, so I guess I don't really have a choice either, huh?