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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ASOS... again.

Why does ASOS have the nicest stuff dammit the free international shipping promotion isn't helping either. I AM SO TEMPTED. HELP. :(

Eber Balentime

Eber Balentine (HAHAHA) I mean, Evil Valentine's new launch will be on the new year! Exact timing of launch will be up together with full previews muaxmuaxs.

If you've a good eye you'd have saw 'my' modeling. My faceless modeling for the bags and accessories. The apparels, however, would be modelled by an ultra mega gorgeous new model... (Okay lah I don't keep y'all in suspense just go and see if you're curious haha)

I love love love love love Collection 11. I want to keep everything for myself. I swear.

It's that good.

And there's more than 40-50 designs? +++ Brownie points ^^


Friday, December 16, 2011

Constant battle.

A constant battle with my self-esteem.

"She's pretty. I am not." "She's smart. I am not." "She's so... (inserts positive adjective/noun here)... and I am just not."

List of things I hate about myself: The way I look. The way I dress. The way I speak. The way I do things. The way I behave in front of others/strangers.

Everything. But mainly, the way I look.

Sometimes, I feel that I look okay enough. Sometimes, I feel like I look pretty decent. Those are the better times. I have never felt "extraordinarily pretty" in my life before. The worst of all is, make-up just don't really look good on me. I'm one of those girls that looks better without make-up.

Most of the other times, I'd be questioning my looks. I think I frustrate A with my 'HI-I-THINK-I-LOOK-UGLY' periodical rants. But it's the truth. My facial features. My body. Everything. They're just not... 'perfect'. I know I shouldn't be pursuing perfection in my looks since no one is born with a perfect face/body, but... well, Thoughts like this flashes past every single day "Why do you have such ugly teeth?", "Why are your dark eye circles and eye bags so bad?", "Why does your eyes look so droopy?", "Your jaw sticks out like a frog", or simply "Shermin, you look like Sadako today." Okay, maybe I am kidding about the last part. But the general statements still remain true.

And the next thing is, I am not photogenic. Not. At. All. If I already dislike how I look, then I FUCKING HATE HOW I LOOK LIKE IN PICTURES. Good lord, I think I'd have to take like, a hundred pictures before I can finally find a picture that looks semi-decent to be posted up onto the blog, which explains why I don't have a lot of photos here.

I only choose the selected few where I look decent enough to be posted here. I'd like to be one of those girls who can post up million pictures of themselves on the blog because they're pretty enough. I don't know if people noticed, but whenever I take pictures, I tend to refrain/avoid facing the camera with a full-frontal view. Lately, I've resorted to using Photobooth/Instagram for the pictures on my blog because they tend to cover up my flaws more easily. On the other hand, DSLR exposes all parts of your shitty complexion. :/

I still remember, during the first shoot of EV, I was forced to model for some of the clothings as they're relatively small sized. So my friend/the other model, Linglin piled on some make-up on me and took a few shots of me. I LOOKED LIKE SHIT. PLUS I LOOK LIKE A TRANNY DAMN. Each time I go for a collection shoot, I'd start to think "Sigh, if only I am pretty and photogenic enough to model for my own blogshop without ruining it..."

Did you know that in order to get 'my pictures' off the page, I deliberately cut the prices of some of the items that I modelled in so that I can remove them asap. Yeah, it was that bad.


The way I speak. I always have pronunciations errors. It makes me embarrassed too, the fact that I can't enunciate certain words. Sometimes I question whether I have a lisp or short tongue. Plus, I am not good with words. I don't know how to open up to people. I always think that I am behaving in an ultra awkward manner whenever I talk to new people. All of the above explains why I am SO DAMN SOCIALLY AWKWARD, especially with strangers/new people I meet. I don't socialize with people unless they talk to me first, and most people don't dare to talk to me first since I have a scary and intimidating outlook. People often tells me that their first impression of me was that I am damn dao and quiet.

Or look as if their father or their entire clan/extended family owed me a million dollars or something lololol.

One of the reason why I hate attention is because I don't like to be casted with stares/weird looks. It makes me feel like I am inadequate, and therefore, I'll get more judgmental of myself. Heck, I think I judge myself more than anybody else in this world, which probably explains the lack of self-esteem I have in myself?

I really really really dislike how I look and behave, and I'd like to change it, but I really can't. At least not right now. It'll probably take a long time, probably decades or even centuries for me to start changing this negative mindset. I've bore this mindset for the past 17 years and it's likely that I'll feel the same way another seventeen years down the road.




I feel like I am pretty "awesome" for taking 1 week to pen this entry.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Five percent.

This is so true it's not even funny.

Your Jungian Personality type is ISFP
ISFPs are interested in the fine arts. Expression primarily through action or art form. 5% of the total population.

ISFPs can be over-accepting of others and need to be more skeptical at times. Their need to please everyone makes them reluctant to critique any one but themselves. This excessive desire to trust others makes them targets for hurt feelings and disadvantaged relationships. Long-range planning and adherence to policies can be their downfall. When the freedom to act on their instincts is limited, ISFPs become bored, restless, and passively defiant. They are skilled at seeming to comply with regulations while annoying those who cause them distress.

If stress continues to build, ISFPs will penalize others through self-degrading behavior. This behavior has the tendency to divert accountability away from themselves and onto others who they blame for their plight. This restores the excitement back into ISFP's lives while at the same time getting even with their accused oppressors. Rationalizing their responsibilities, stressed-out ISFPs attempt to find their way out of unstimulating circumstances through seeking inappropriate thrills.


This lists represent careers and jobs people of your type tend to enjoy doing. The job requirements are similar to the personality tendencies of your personality type. It is important to remember that this is not a list of all the jobs possible. And it is very important to remember that people can, and frequently do, fill jobs that are dissimilar to their personality... this happens all the time...and sometimes works out quite well.

clerical supervisor
dental assistant
physical therapist
radiology technologist
landscaper designer
crisis hotline operator
teacher: elementary
marine biologist
social worker

Take it here: if you want to :)

Monday, December 5, 2011



IT FULFILLS MY SUPERFICIAL TENDENCIES OF CAMWHORING WITH LOMO EFFECTSSSS. I want a iPhone Pour Ass nao (Thank you Becca, for typing it as iPhone Pour Ass. Now I can no longer resist calling iPhone 4S as iPhone Pour Ass LOL) solely because of Instagram and the cameraaaa.

But for now, I can only use A's iPhone 4S because I am stuck with a BB till December 2012. :(
What if the world ends and I still haven't got a iPhone yet? D: /shudders

Sorry Blackberry, as much as I love you and the QWERTY keyboard... you're really getting a little obsolete. :( But it's okay, I still love you, just that I am an unfaithful owner and I've found a new crush lmao.

P/S: I have no idea why I am still blogging when I really should be replying EV's mails + work on my projects. STRESSBALLZ!

Oh and You're the Durian of my eye tomorrow with A. Yes. Durian. Hehe. /inside joke.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Warning: Rant Post V2. Incoherency ahead.




Okay, the end, bye. Thanks for tolerating with my CAPLOCKS-I-AM-IN-RAGE self. The sane Shermin is back.

And customers of EV, please please please be patient. I am sorry for the wait too. UGH.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa, where are you?


Christmas should come asap. So that my dear Santa will shove these goodies down my non-existent chimney. Then again, I don't have a chimney so... sux2beme. But hey Santa, I do have a government-issued rubbish chute though, does it help? OKAY NOT HELPING THAT WAS SO LAME HAHAH OK BAI.


Credits: Zara's November Lookbook

Looks like it's time to take a strut inside Zara. Haven't been shopping there for a loooooooong time.

P/S: Not too much a fan of the floral prints though... till now, I still don't get the hype behind it. The floral blouse, especially. D: But then again, I've never really been a prints person.

Friday, December 2, 2011


My momma once said, "You can never stay in a relationship beyond 3 months. Either you'll get bored first or the guy will just give up on you because he'd be too frustrated with keeping up with your tamtrums".

But... I think it's time for my momma to take back her own words haha.

Happy sixth month, love. I think we both didn't see that we'd last this long, but guess what? We did heh.

We spent the entire day with an Alvin & The Chipmunks marathon (HAHAHHA) and me spazzing like helllll over Theodore. THEODORE IS THE CUTEST THING EVER ASDFGHJKL; and you getting jealous because my favourite wasn't "Alvin" The Chipmunk haha.

Here's to 6 more years, 6 more decades, and probably 6 more lifetimes (HAHAH).

Thank you so much for everything in the past 6 months hehe. You've been there for me through the lowest points of my life and when I felt everybody was against me. Other people would have just walked away, or abandoned me but you never did. You stayed. You made me get up on my own feet. <3

Last but not leasttttt... The Fisheye 2, and the rainbow pancakes. I love you. :3

P/S: Of course I didn't make the cupcakes myself. I am not so talented :> If I've baked the cupcakes myself, they'd probably have been... ugh and ew and disgusting on so many levels!

I had them customized though! BUT I THOUGHT OF THE DESIGNS/CUPCAKE TOPPERS MYSELF. DO I DESERVE SOME CREDIT FOR THAT? ^^ The rainbow pancakes were made by the talented boiphrennnnnn HAHAH.

I am such a sad case. I can't cook/bake for nuts. D: Only da boiboi can cook/bake. Haha what weird dynamics. But that's just what we are. :>

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 C10

Econs, I hate you.

Warning: This is a super redundant and useless post but I am posting it anyway since I need an outlet to rant.

Here we go...

Econs I hate you you you you you you you you're seriously the most redundant and the most useless module on Earth. I think I hate you more than I hate Maths and that's saying a lot. WHY ARE YOU A FUCKING MODULE?

/ceases random rant.


Saturday, November 26, 2011


Was experimenting with the 3D image effect. This turned out cooooool.

And I really ought to be studying/working on my projects instead of dabbling in Photoshop and picking up tutorials. You know, when people say that when it rains, it pours, it's hecka true. The first 4-5 weeks of school was void of projects and then BAM now I've 3-4 CAs biting my ass all at one go.

Even though I might/could be leaving Mass Comm, it still doesn't hurts (okay, maybe it does) to give it my best/last shot before all good (or rather, bad) things come to an end.


Feathers and Crosses.

This is currently on my wishlist haha:

I'm thinking of getting the blouse from ASOS but the figures in my pockets are um... not looking too optimistic. It's so pretty *v*

Maybe I should hint A♡ about it hehehe. OR ARE YOU READING THIS ALREADY? MUAHAHAHA.

Since I'm sick of my dip-dye/ombre hair, this sounds like a fair alternative. Soooo pretty, feathers on your hair.

And hopefully, nobody else (or at least, not some wannabe bitches) will catch this trend again.


Friday, November 18, 2011


"Sarcasm makes the heart grows fonder." - Tumblr quote that I should probably tell A about next time.

Subsequent shots are just random visuals that have been lying around since forever.

Dreamcatcher, Freak Out Badge, make-up stash (yeah I've really limited make-up products), galaxy nails, Photobooth, and last but not least, my used-to-be-chio-but-recently-reduced-to-being-just-bleached-blonde-and-really-damaged dipdye.

I should be changing to pink dipdye soon or just chop off my hair till it's boob-length. If I go ahead for the pink dipdye, I'm pretty sure my hair is gonna hate me for it. My pocket/wallet will yell the same sentiments too. Yeap.

This whole blog post just didn't make sense at all, but okay.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Barely hanging.

Online-shopping (besides ♡) is the only thing that's keeping me sane these days.

Barely hanging there by a thread.

I wanted to talk to my parents nicely about my problems in life, in high hopes that we might actually come to a peaceful compromise of my wishes and theirs; but as always, it escalates into #lifelessons101 and other verbal assaults between both parties. Sigh.

Who can I talk to?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I am very very very very very exhausted by all my attempts/efforts to keep things the way they should be. While silence is golden in this case, am I supposed to let people continue hurling insults and accusations at me? The best part, they looked like they're so happy when they were with me. They looked genuinely happy. They kept making me feel like I am so close to them but... oh well.

Am I supposed to let people hurl malicious words at me while I continue to keep quiet? I am not guilty of the things they say - not at all - but I am keeping quiet because I thought it was for the best. But that gave people the chance to take advantage of that fact and think that I am only keeping quiet because I am guilty/scared. Even when people told me I should flare up and do something about it before it gets worse, I still didn't. Not because I am scared, but because I care about others, especially my loved ones.

I don't know why I am blogging about this while skipping class, because frankly, I am sick of life. I am solely going to school because of obligations to my parents. I want to switch course. In a nut shell, I need a getaway. I feel so terribly suffocated.


I am just keeping silent. For now.

My conscience is clear - in fact, it's more than being crystal clear. I defended you when people told me that it's you being petty. I told them you could be bounded by circumstances when you lost it at me the first time.

But now you're pushing it.

If you really pushed me to my limits... You'll see all the things I can do - and I can assure you, they won't be pretty.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Meow meow.

Very very very outdated pictures. Just saying.

I wanted to come up with a post full of verbal vomit (inclusive of my never-ending whines) but I decided to spare you guys the agony. I'll keep the rants bottled inside my heart for now.

I cut bangs (out of sheer impulse and nothing else) and wanted to dress up as a kitty for Halloween but I fell sick on that day itself. And I am falling sick soon again. #mybodylovesme

I am growing it back to side-fringe btw. Bangs doesn't suit me as much as I thought it will be. Oh well.

Random Photobooth photos. Because I can.

Lastly, SHOPEVILVALENTINE.COM's sales has been on a roller-coaster, I swear. Sales can be so bad (as bad as 0 orders) one day and then rocket-high (as good as 10-20 paid orders) the very next day. Sales has been rather optimistic, with me clearing out 75% of the stocks, and also some extra earnings off backorders!

Parents still continue to hold doubts about the business but oh well, the sales figures state otherwise. I'll definitely try to improve on higher efficiency on the site. Promise. Sorry to the customers of SEV who have received less-than-satisfactory customer service from me! :(

Barely living.

Seems almost as if I am living by this now. Rather sad huh?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011




Flipped over.

Trampled on again.

Add on a sprinkle of salt as the final garnish to the masterpiece.

Above statements describes what?

My soul.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Much of my own isolation/so-called 'exclusion' is in fact, self-inflicted.

Nobody's fault. Pretty much have my own reclusive nature to blame.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Why do all good things come to an end?

What if something you used to love turns out to be a dread?

What if something you used to be driven for is the one lagging you and pulling you down?

My exact thoughts right now.

I am having hesitations on putting Evil Valentine on infinite hiatus or closing it down (closing it down will be the last option and I wouldn't resort to that unless it is absolutely necessary). This came as a pretty sudden notice huh? EV was just beginning to get on tracks and have a steady customer base but yet it is just the time that I decided to lay off it.

Some may say "What a pity" - and well, I feel the same way too. Evil Valentine is afterall, the baby that I've built up from scratch. The reason why I was planning to shut it down or to put it on infinite hiatus is not because it's losing money. On the contrary, I am actually earning quite a fair bit from it right now. Few hundreds from this collection perhaps, inclusive of the backorders.

It's just one simple reason that would sum up everything.

It has turned into a dread.
From something I used to love doing.

As the business expanded/grew bigger, the responsibilities that comes with it becomes bigger too. The problems also proportionately grows bigger. Problems with supplier(s), things going OOS so easily, me being unable to process mailing as quickly as other established blogshops, lack of time to commit to e-mailing to customers for updates on the status of their products.

I have received not 1 but probably 2 or 3 e-mails on how much I SUCK at customer service. No surprise right there. It's getting me pretty darn disheartened but sad to say, I am not going to deny that - I indeed do suck at it. I try to deliver whenever I can, but recently, life just swallowed me as a whole. Juggling between work (and my boss is pretty darn demanding to say the least), social life (before the holidays, + school) and family just doesn't allow much time left for me to really concentrate on delivering A-grade customer service towards customers.

Not only that, I know I am also slow at delivery/mailing out the items. My working hours are eccentric and it ends so late - it's virtually impossible to get to the post office on time to mail out stuff on a daily basis. I used to mail just once a week (which is awfully slow; i know) before but THANKFULLY, Mama Sim have been helping out with the mailing recently and hence there is a marked improvement in delivery speed for this collection ^^;

For backorders and preorders, I understand that I haven't been e-mailing customers on the status of their products. If there's any buyers who are reading my blog - I think there is a need to address some issues here. I've hit with loads of hiccups with the supplier because they keep going OOS so easily. And also other details which I shall not elaborate unless you ask me personally and I'll give you a detailed explanation/breakdown of everything.

In the past, it was a joy to work on launching each collection on EV. But now it just ain't so.

Realllllly, replying to customers, and them getting pissed off at me because of the lack of the 'customer service' I provide, verifying payments, mail out stuff and to inform buyers again are beginning to become routinal and frankly, it's a boring and dreadful routine.

I have about 70-80 more stocks that will probably last two more collections.

I guess I'll use the next two collections to ponder and reconsider my decision but until then, ciao.

Cest la vie.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

FLBSeven + Seventeenth.

So... unlike many other birthday girls who spend their birthday walking around town with big-ass poofy balloons and showered with birthday cards+wishes, I spent it at a flea! ... (cue dramatic tears). All my other friends were either busy working or having JC promos and some others just plainly forgotten about my birthday (yay?).

If you ain't got chicks for company, migh' as well get yoself some dough yo

S0... off to FLB7 I went.

(A 2-weeks-old outdated post haha. I am such a procrastinator, I can't even)

Unfortunately, the morning of 24th September was spent with me and my mom queueing under the sweltering hot sun with HEAVY-AS-HELL luggages while waiting for our turn to get the flea boooooooth.

When I stepped into the venue, my first thought was 'OH NO SALES GON' BE BAD' - simply because there wasn't even much/any walking space at all for THE VENDORS. Do note that I'm just talking about the vendors here. I was then mentally thinking... good lord, when crowd surges in... man, the human-sardines-can traffic is bound to repeat itself again. And hence, crankier I became.

Well well well, the clairvoyant me had my predictions all correct: Sales were bad (everybody else's sales were bad actually and it wasn't just me); barely sold 8 items, compared to my previous records of being able to sell at least 10-20 items at most fleas. The human-sardines-can traffic happened and aggravated everybody's mood. Everybody got pissed off and hence, the collective crankiness in all of the shoppers and vendors.

Simple equations we have here:

No space = Pissed-off-and-unwill

Besides that, a mini rant here - some vendors are just so uncooperative. The rules blatantly stated that only ONE rack space is allowed and this... other blogshop owner (refraining from mentioning names haha) was displaying 2 racks admist the already-cramped-as-hell venue. I asked her nicely to either push it in and she replied with a eyeroll "Can't you tell I am trying?" Hmm, kay, no I can't. GOOD LORD.


I packed up earlier since the situation was wack. The total earnings from the day amounted up to $1xx? Not a lot compared to the $3xx in previous fleas each time. Apparently, my sales were considered as "good" because I heard some people couldn't even cover their rental costs. I feel for them. :(

After packing up, I went to meet...

againnnnn hehe. Poor boy was stranded there waiting for me to arrive/pack up from my flea. :(

Was pleasantly surprised with a mixtape, a card, yumyumzzz homecooked Mac & Cheese (albeit soggy and cold - much thanks to the long waiting time) and le gasp, the nebula maxi that I wanted :3333333

Oh and heh, that silly boy miscounted and formed a heart-shaped decor with 18 candles instead of the 17 candles he was hoping to achieve. :3 But I still loved it muchie muchieeeee. ♡♡♡