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Saturday, December 25, 2010

PAYDAY $____$

I just got my pay yipeeeeee. $___$


Goodbye Fossil. ;A; For those who're unaware, I used to work at Fossil, but I guess it's all past-tense now, I'd say. I haven't officially resigned yet, my boss and store manager over at the ION Orchard branch is really nice but the colleagues... are entirely another story, I'd say. There's a huge generation and communication gap between some of us. I think I'll miss D & YA though, they're so nice ;~; One was able to bear with my ignorance and taught me the ropes in the retail industry, and another one was able to hear me out and give me some much-needed advice. But alas, things just can't go the way I want it to be, and with all the personal issues that came crashing over last month (including one that was fairly trauamtic for me to handle), I guess quitting the job and giving myself some personal space over the past two weeks was a mandatory thing to do.

I just interviewed for Marks & Spencers and there's a high chance they'll hire me since the interview questions they asked are mainly about 'When can you start work, where would be your preferred locations, etc, etc' and not the usual interview-interview questions, lol.

The sudden spike in my bank account certainly made my day better, considering how I was battling with a high fever yesterday night. Almost all of the clinics were closed on Christmas; and hence, I had to run around to three clinics before we eventually found one that isn't closed. Sucks to be me; sucks to be sick on Christmas.

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