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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Went to Cineleisure/Town to hang around with @Changchanggg before she set off to China! So excited for her mannnnggz because her 8-days-itinery includes conquering some high-ass mountains in such chilly temperature/climates (I heard it's negative degrees celcius over there?) and rummaging through warehouses for some cheap fashion thrills.

Ah, such is life.

Haters gon' hate, I love my tiny little colourful bowls of Tangyuans (!!!) I apologize for the pathetic picture of a bowl with nothing inside it ahaha. Apparently, my starving self finished everything before my inner photographer came on.

To the extent that I had two bowls of these nostalgic (and cheap) goodies. How awesome. Cheap thrills ftw, they're going for $2/bowl. Mang, my inner Singaporean auntie is working its magic.

After trotting (or rather, trudging) around in a killer pair of platform wedges ala the H&M inspired ones - mind you, it was my first pair of heels that I actually walked around in D; - that virtually killed my poor little toes, we went for a quick manicure at Far East Plaza.

Yeah, manicure, not pedicure. The above paragraph was written on a completely unrelated note, but I just felt like letting out a little rant. Bwahahah.

Anywayyyy, it was a $4 express manicure over at FEP! Hecka cheap, y/n? My nails doesn't need pampering except for a little dash of colour! I was choosing between 20 over shades of white (I've always had dark nail colours so this would be something new) and I eventually opted for OPI's "She's Golden". The nail colour itself has a white base with a bit of gold (albeit not-so-visible) glitter here and there.

Anyhoo, the nail parlour itself have plenty to improve on. The ambiance sucks, the manicurists' attitudes suck, and eh, basically, just go there if you're looking for cheaper alternatives... or if you just can't paint your nails for the love of your life (a.k.a me)!

Went to visit the tiny one (Hay Jamie, hay ;D) at work too.

Zipper ring and Reindeer socks from the new Topshop Knightsbridge! It's the largest outlet in the world besides their own flagship store (Oxford Circus) in UK. Oh, and the Topshop outlet over @ Knightsbridge is a heaven for all... shopaholics (oh yeah, I'm declared guilty yo). Three levels worth of awesomeness - guaranteed to make your wallets burn.

Such adorable printed socks are slowly climbing up the list to become part of my fashion favourites. The reindeer motifs on the socks were incredibly cute and it was a life-saver since the blisters (much credits to the pair of platforms that I wore...) were killing me.

It was a last-minute fashion fix, and luckily for me, the "socks-inside-wedges" trend have been made popular by fashion bloggers as well as peeps so my "fashion fix" didn't attract any unwanted attention.

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